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    The usage of informal computer based communication in the context of organization’s technological resources
    [Neformali elektroninė komunikacija organizacijų technologinių išteklių kontekste]
    research article;
    Socialinės technologijos : mokslo darbai = Social technologies : research papers [Elektroninis išteklius]. Vilnius : Mykolo Romerio universitetas, 2011, t. 1, Nr. 2., p. 255-266
    High intensity of informal electronic communication with friends and familiars shows that workers of court administration are used to meet their psycho emotional needs outside the work place. The survey confirmed conclusion of the theoretical analysis: computer based communication is not beneficial for developing informal contacts between workers. In order for the informal communication could carry out its functions and technological recourses of organization would be used effectively, staff should be motivated to communicate directly face to face. Research limitations - It can be reasonably suspected, that the real measure of informal communication with outside recipients is even higher, than the data of the research shows. In could be stipulated by the lack of analysis of other electronic communication mediums (e.g. video calls, social networks, internet forums, etc.). Practical implications. The results of the research help to form a wider comprehension about features of organizational communication. Authors of the research state that if managers would pay more attention to the practice of employees’ informal and computer based communication, they would improve the usage of information technology resources. Originality/Value - Informal electronic communication in Lithuania’s organizations had not been researched yet. The chosen subject is definitely new. On the other hand, deep penetration of computer-based communication in employees’ daily routine shows the relevancy of the topic.