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    Positive and neutral connotations in free word combinations and collocations with the headwords Bachelor and Viengungis
    [Teigiamos ir neutralios konotacijos laisvuosiuose žodžių junginiuose ir kolokacijose su žodžiais bachelor ir viengungis]
    research article
    Kalba ir kontekstai = Language in different contexts : mokslo darbai. Vilnius : Edukologija, 2018, t. 8 (1)., p. 71-77
    The current study is an attempt to identify similarities and differences of collocates with the headwords bachelor and viengungis in free word combinations and collocations of the English and Lithuanian languages and identify attitudes that the speakers express concerning the referent. The empirical data for the research are taken from the mass media texts from 2012 to 2017. Qualitative approach is applied to investigate the data retrieved following the principles of corpus linguistics. Descriptive method is used to identify semantic nature of collocates with the headword bachelor/viengungis predetermined by discourse prosody. English and Lithuanian corpora containing free word combinations and collocations with the headword bachelor/viengungis manifest similar positive connotation with the referent in English and Lithuanian mass media texts.