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  • research article;
    Internal security. Szczytno : Police Academy, 2013, vol. 5, iss. 1., p. 225-238
    Values are an overall belief determining human’s decisions and behaviours. Organizational values are long-term beliefs that connect members of the organization in common activity and in striving for goals. Every member of the organization has to realize them, sustain them and follow them. Therefore organizational values are the main element of organizational culture. For the research of professional values of employees of the Lithuanian police organization, 199 officers of Kaunas city police stations were interviewed. The questionnaire was based on dimensions of police organizational values determined by Glomseth, R., Gottschalk, P., Hole A.S., which constitute a scale of 21 bipolar values. The article analyzes the peculiarities of a professional value system, determining dominating and less important organizational values according to employees’ opinion. The hierarchy of the statutory organization’s employees’ values researched shows that this organization is absolutely formal, and its activity is controlled and predictable. This is a rather bureaucratic organization oriented towards stability rather than a knowledge organization. The research data allow evaluation of the present situation, prediction of the need for change of the values system and recommendations for their implementation.