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    Muzikos formų analogai Maironio baladėse
    [Analogues of musical forms in Maironis' ballads]
    research article
    Lituanistica / Lietuvos mokslų akademija. Vilnius : Lietuvos mokslų akademijos leidykla, 2002, Nr. 4(52)., p. 28-51
    Although both ballads are the product of romanticism, "Jurate ir Kastytis", appearing on the surface more complicated, is of a simpler, "more classic" dramaturgy (determined by its "pure" sonata form), while the structure of "Cicinskas", reminiscent of a consistent epic account, is more complicated and closer to the developed musical forms of the epoch of romanticism. 2. The analysis of the composition of the ballads by Maironis reveals the intuitive dependence of the poet on the conventional laws of logic, the purified expression of which is found is the forms of musical works. 3. Searching for inter-subject discipline methodologies and their use may be fruitful in newly comprehending and conceiving the meaning of literary compositions.