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  • research article;
    WSEAS Transactions on business and economics. Athens : WSEAS Press, 2015, vol. 12., p. 48-54
    The scientific literature emphasizes that FDI can cause not only economic growth, but also economic suppression. This article is aimed at the research of the impact of FDI on Lithuanian economics by analysing the changes of three main macroeconomic indicators – GDP, unemployment rate and export. The methods of the research include systematic analysis of the scientific literature, statistical data analysis and correlation regression analysis. The results of the research have revealed that, in Lithuanian case, there exists strong correlation between FDI and GDP as well as between FDI and export. The correlation between FDI and unemployment rate is very weak, although there is a tendency that increasing income from FDI contributes to unemployment rate decrease since FDI determines creation of work places and development of industrial processes.
  • research article;
    WSEAS Transactions on business and economics. Athens : WSEAS Press, 2015, vol. 12., p. 124-130
    The article is aimed at the analysis of the main differences between the institutional factors of selfemployment in Lithuania and Latvia. In order to fulfil the raised aim, the first section has been designed for the analysis of the experience of entrepreneurship promotion from governmental positions in different geographical areas (Europe and the USA). The second section introduces the methodology of the empirical research and the course of the expert evaluation. 5 experts from Latvia and 9 experts from Lithuania were involved in the research. The results of the empirical research propose the following conclusions: the number of the selfemployed in Latvia could be increased by focusing on the financial measures of self-employment while in Lithuania it could be increased by focusing on tax incentives; the opportunity to receive a preferential credit is an influential factor of self-employment promotion in both Latvia and Lithuania; business expansion while becoming an employer could be promoted by facilitation of tax administration, less intensive regulation of the labour market and financial support provided for small and medium business.