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  • research article;
    Economic and Managerial Spectrum = Ekonomicko-manazerske spektrum. Zilina : University of Zilina, 2020, vol. 14, iss. 1., p. 87-96
    Time series analysis has a long tradition in economics. The foundations of the current time series analysis, focusing on modelling of the development of one time series, were laid in the interwar period. In recent years, many new methods and approaches have emerged in the field of economic time series analysis. Also, the conditions for their practical application in our country have significantly improved in recent years, which is due to the relatively easy availability of a relatively wide range of types of quality software and the growing length of the analysed time series. In this research paper, we focused on the analysis of time series using the ARIMA model to predict the price of gold by the end of 2020. Those who did not believe that the gold price could strengthen significantly shortly before the outbreak of COVID-19 they are not enough to wonder. Its value returned to green numbers after the fall in the price of the commodity, which caused growing concerns after the outbreak of the world virus pandemic. It was the reason for the analysis of this particular commodity. The introduction contains the necessary information on the problem and basic knowledge of the theory of time series and their modelling, characterizes the Box - Jenkins methodology, and finally, the statistical software used. The method describes the procedure of data processing and the creation of the ARIMA model. The results section presents results and predictions in the last part of the discussion and conclusion; the results and interpretations of the results are summarized.
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    ERA Forum : Journal of the Academy of European Law. [Heidelberg] : Springer, 2015, vol. 16, iss. 2., p. 197-217
    This article deals with the interrelation between recast Brussels I Regulation and European Insolvency Regulation in respect of proceedings featuring connection with insolvency. It is essential to accommodate these proceedings within the scope of one or another regulation since it determines applicable jurisdictional rules and different possibilities for refusing the recognition and enforcement of a judgment. The article examines which type of actions could qualify as "deriving directly from the insolvency proceedings and which are closely linked to them" (annex proceedings) and therefore fall within European Insolvency Regulation. The possibility to invoke this regulation against third state defendants and exclusivity of jurisdiction in annex proceedings are also discussed.
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    Gedvilas, Paulius
    European scientific journal (ESJ). Kočani : European Scientific Institute, 2015, vol. 11, no. 22., p. 102-116
    The European Framework of key competences for lifelong learning, released at the end of 2006, identifies and defines eight competences that everyone needs to acquire in order to achieve personal and professional goals, social inclusion and active citizenship in today's rapidly-changing world. The paper discusses the results of the pilot study on communication in foreign languages, one out of eight key competences, conducted in 2013. The pilot research was carried out under the project Research and Development Platform for Adult Training of Generic Competences, Measure VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K “Support to Research Activities of Scientists and Other Researcher (Global Grant)”. The analysis of the situation in Lithuania pertinent to conceptual understanding of the competence of communication in foreign languages, its development for personal and professional growth and labour market demand is presented. The findings reveal the respondents’ self-evaluation of the competence of communication in foreign languages, the main challenges and opportunities it offers for professional life and career, personal development and participation in civic and community life.