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  • research article
    Issues of Business and Law. Vilnius : International School of Law and Business, 2010, Vol.2, May., p. 63-73
    Literature indicates that organizations often lack flexibility in the design and implementation of quality management systems and show a low utilization of employees' skills and knowledge. A mature quality management system should consider success factors for ISO 9000 certification benefits from the early phases of their planning and designing processes. This article discusses success factors for ISO 9000 certification benefits which can help to plan and implement quality management systems according to 9000 standard most successfully. The research shows that a well developed ISO 9000 implementation strategy is crucial for achieving financial benefits from ISO 9000. Strategic orientation is a moderating factor influencing the relationship between ISO 9000 certification benefits and a firm's financial performance. A strong relationship between the companies' certification motivations factors and the corresponding results was revealed. Continuous improvement factors are very important during the post-certification period.