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    Contradictions and challenges to the creation of welfare states and their public governance
    [Pretrunas un problēmas labklājības valstu un to publiskās pārvaldības veidošanā]
    research article;
    Latvijas Zinātņu Akadēmijas vēstis. A daļa : Sociālās un humanitārās zinātnes. Riga : Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2019, t. 73, Nr. 4., p. 69-82
    In contemporary world, with the change of economic, social, political and cultural conditions, the expectations to the support or creation of welfare states are also changing. For the preservation or reinforcement of welfare states, elimination of the arising contradictions is necessary as well as positive, effective answers to the challenges raised to welfare states both in theoretic, ideological-value and practical sense. The aim of this article is to reveal and group the essential contradictions and challenges to welfare states and their public governance. This article is of a phenomenological, analytical-overview type. In chapter 1, the authors provide the notions of contradiction, challenge, welfare state, governance and public governance; chapter 2 analyses contradictions and challenges to public governance of welfare states in international, state and local levels; in chapter 3, the authors analyse the challenges to welfare states in the context of the changes of the 21st century.
  • research article
    Journal of global peace and conflict. [Monticello] : American Research Institute for Policy Development, 2014, vol. 2, no. 1., p. 53-83
    The research object of the paper is the NATO’s “Southern Wing” contribution to the security policy in the Mediterranean Sea area during and after the Cold War period of time. The research countries taken into consideration are Turkey, Greece and Italy. A crucial aim of the article is to investigate a role and contribution of these countries to a broader security framework of the NATO pact in the Mediterranean Sea area. An additional aim of the paper is to present potential challenges for the future security question within both the NATO and the Mediterranean Sea area. In order to realize our task we used a relevant research results presented in the scientific literature including the sources dealing with the question of the security issue in the Mediterranean Sea area from different points of view.
  • research article;
    International journal of philosophy and theology. New York : American Research Institute for Policy Development, 2014, vol. 2, no. 2., p. 185-201
    In this paper, we circumscribe Alasdair MacIntyre’s notion of human flourishing as presented from After Virtue onwards. By reformulating the Aristotelian-Thomist tradition in modern terms, MacIntyre introduces such notions as practice, narrative unity of human life, and tradition. Later he supplements these ideas by accounting for human dependency and practical reasoning. The paper articulates these aspects of MacIntyre’s understanding of human flourishing and demonstrate how they challenge several (post)modern conceptions regarding the self, morality, and politics. It is argued that MacIntyre’s account of human flourishing consists of people becoming independent practical reasoners, able to use their rational powers for the pursuit of a meaningful life.
  • research article
    Serbian Studies : journal of the North American Society for Serbian studies. Bloomington : Slavica Publishers, 2010, vol. 24, no. 1-2., p. 27-48