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    Butkutė, Lina
    Mortelmans, Dimitri
    Journal of Divorce & Remarriage. Philadephia : Taylor & Francis, 2023, 00, 00., p. 1-30
    While research has focused on self-concept before or after marriage dissolution, very little research has investigated how individuals understand and evaluate themselves during the longer-lasting and usually highly conflictual divorce process. Qualitative interview data with Lithuanians 6 months or more into their divorce processes suggest that divorcees experience marital dissolution as an interchange of three main processes: losing valued self-parts, a (re)birth of a more valued self, and hanging-self as being stuck in ongoing uncertainty with a need to protect valued parts of oneself. The theoretical and practical implications of these research findings are discussed.
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    Is there a New Governance paradigm? the Lithuanian and Portuguese cases
    [Vai ir Jaunā vadības pieeja? Lietuvas un Portugāles piemērs]
    research article; ;
    Ferraz, David
    Latvijas Zinātņu Akadēmijas vēstis. A daļa : Sociālās un humanitārās zinātnes. Riga : LZA, 2012, t. 66, Nr. 1-2., p. 55-74