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    The neo-liberal state in a post-global
    [Neoliberali valstybė postglobaliniame pasaulyje]
    research article
    Schulze, David
    Socialinių mokslų studijos = Social sciences studies : mokslo darbai. Vilnius : Mykolo Romerio universiteto Leidybos centras, 2010, Nr. 3(7)., p. 7-17
    Neo-liberalism has been the dominant political–economic ideology defining the state and the world economy since the late 1970s. Neo-liberalism is a political–economic theory committed to laissez-faire market fundamentalism, a minimalist role for state intervention into the economy, and free trade and open borders. The global financial crisis that began in 2008 challenges the neo-liberal views of the state in numerous ways. This article describes the rise of the neo-liberal state, the ways the global crisis created a crisis for it, and then how the response to it questions its legitimacy and viability. The article concludes with detailing the various problems with neo-liberalism, calling for a rethinking of state theory within a new post-global economic order.