Aplinkos apsaugos politikos vystymasis Lietuvoje

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Because of the public and environmental interaction's ascensional problems it encouraged to develop environment policy and evolve different shapes since the year dot up till today. Obviously, the policy's development is not the finite process. The main subjects are introducing at work by encouraging to implement environment policy in Lithuania. The Law environmental formulation is the most analysing in Lithuania. Environment policy development is under review since restoring Lithuania's Independence since 1918-1940. Also since 1940 when Lithuania became Soviet Union. Since 1990 after Lithuania restored political Independence there were analysing environmental policy development. Especially juristics and institutional changes in environmental of policy. The policy development was more under consideration after Lithuania joined with most of the international deed of liberty requirements realization and by integrating to the European Union. There is a special department for financial implement in environment policy for implementation of discussion. Especially developing European Union's financial source of consequence. In pursuance to anticipate the environment policy tendencies and perspectives of development there are European Union’s directives’ (for which were negotiated requirements periods for realization) analysis in details, Long-Term Development Strategy of the State and National Strategy for Sustainable Development for the reaching the goals. Environment policy's tendencies of Lithuania describes also accomplished survey's results of environmental assessors by letting to deny hypothesize at the beginning of the work and bring to the conclusion that Environment policy in Lithuania is realizable effectively enough. But in pursuance of purposeful and successful environment policy in the future, suggestion would be to encourage institution cooperation not only in apeak but also in horizontal level, develop the law and obligations of government, to secure needed information's publicity for administration and even more encourage communities, non governmental and other organization's involvment in environment problems solution.
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