The ecovillage experience as an evidence base fornational wellbeing strategies

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Overarching policy objectives for national wellbeing are currently being developed by national governments, replacing the objective of economic growth. Maximising the quality of people’s lives, their happiness or subjective wellbeing has, however, been the conscious strategy of ecovillages.With up to a half-century of empirical experimentation, ecovillages offer an evidence base that can be utilised to benefit the wider society. In order to facilitate the research needed for appropriate government policies to deliver a high level of national wellbeing, this paper attempts to shed light on some twenty different elements the common attitudes and practices of ecovillages which have allowed them to succeed in this endeavour. Further research on the wellbeing of ecovillages is suggested to enable the wider society to focus on the process of achieving a higher level of wellbeing for sustainable development.
Wellbeing, Ecovillages, Quality of life