The concept of sustainable development of enterprises in innovative weak regions in the context of Europe 2020: (for example, the Lithuanian company Gintaro baldai)

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Markevičius, Nikolajus
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Europe, as one of key regions in the field of development of technologies throughout long time, recently has started to lose the positions in world technological division of labor. The designers of the European Union are concern about this development, therefore the main targets Europe 2020 is the strengthening competitiveness of the European Economic Union in the world, especially of R&D, and it embodiment in the accepted strategy. For this purpose, the aim is to raise the level of investment in innovation, research and development to 3,0% of GDP in the EU and in Lithuania up to 1,9%. Article on an example of a company „Gintaro baldai“, with 100% Lithuanian capital, manufacturing upholstered furniture, is to examine the dependence of competitiveness ranking of its products on Lithuanian and foreign markets from the level of expenditure on research, modification and applications of both traditional and new products. Considered the link between the production unity and universities as the main factor of competitiveness on a national and regional level.
GERD (gross domestic expenditure on R&D), R&D (research and development), Competitiveness, Gintaro baldai